Ciranova Oil

Canada’s Official Ciranova Distributor

Ciranova is a high quality Belgian brand, with more than 80 years of expertise in the field of finishing and maintenance products for wood flooring. In the comprehensive Ciranova range of products you will find a full system for the preparation, finishing and maintenance of both interior and exterior wood.

These systems have been developed in the company’s own laboratories using the latest available raw materials on the market. Combined with up-to-date formulas, Ciranova can guarantee all its clients the best quality for all specific application methods.

With the specially developed Ciranova flooring products, wood floors are kept beautiful and well protected. The product range is extensive for all aspects of wood flooring care including pre-treatment, basic finishing and maintenance.

Regular maintenance is vital in order to keep your wood floors in a strong and beautiful condition for a long time. Well-kept surfaces also result in fast and easy cleaning and maintenance. Below are some of the Ciranova products we supply to meet your floor maintenance needs.

Natural Oil Flooring Line

Flooring Soap Intensive Cleaner Oil Refresh
Maintenance Oil Maintenance Kit

Varnished Flooring Line

Unicare X-Matt Hard Floor Fresh Hard Floor Cleaner
Hard Floor Polish Maintenance Kit Mat

Oil Floor Maintenance Brochure
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