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Childhood memories are filled with amusements and intrigue, there is no better place to find these than in the garden. More often than not when called to dinner we were preoccupied with our findings there.

Things that are, rather than things that will be. More often these things are of the past, ageless and old. Such as a fence that our grandfather built, the barn that occupied most of our summers, the old sign that we would squint at and imagine what it once said.

These memories strike a fondness and a smile when times were more magical and filled with imagination. When every step was an adventure. From insects to the deeply weathered wood grains of the garden shed.

During the product development of this series it was with much reflection of the days when mother nature provided our amusement.

Sawn veneers enhance the timelessness of this heavy wired brushed, 7 1/2 “ (190mm) wide plank hardwood floor. Finished in an all natural oil from Denmark. Woca Series 1505 is a Premium Oil designed to extend the beauty and life of your floor.

Il Giardino (the Garden) is our latest edition to La Vita Natural.

Picket Fence Sign Post Garden Gate Barn Door
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