Il Castello Brush Wash – 22261W6

Il Castello is a 220mm (8.6″) wide, 14mm (9/16″) thick, up to 2200mm (86.6″) in length, The top wear surface is sawn 4mm French oak (France) with 8mm SPF (Spruce, Pine, Fir) fillet core (Canada) and 2mm pine balancer (Canada) for dimensional stability. All held together with a marine adhesive.

Il Castello series represents years of refinement and research in determining the best construction for a 220mm wide aesthetic. This visual is a solid hardwood floor with the same durability and life cycle of solid, with performance and stability. Il Castello requires only a fraction of the material of a solid, while utilizing a Canadian core of spruce, pine and fir. This core reduces weight and therefore reduces the cost of transportation and adds significant dimensional stability. The 4mm top sawn French oak is selected for its beauty and natural charm found in such a wide plank floor.