Il Palazzo Pewter – 21861W7

Il Palazzo is a 180mm (7″) wide 14mm (9/16″) thick, up to 2200 (86.6″) in length, The top wear surface is sawn 4mm French oak (France) with 8mm SPF (Spruce, Pine, Fir) fillet core (Canada) and 2mm pine balancer (Canada) for dimensional stability. All held together with a marine adhesive.

Il Palazzo series will represent the better category of hardwood floors. With its environmentally responsible construction and unparalleled aesthetics, excellent stability and value. This product is peerless in its category on the market. Architects and designers alike have an appreciation for what Il Palazzo represents. In its fulfillment of environmental friendliness, V.O.C. compliance, aesthetics and value. We are very proud of Il Palazzo and you will be too!