Mapei Adhesives

With more than 75 years in business and the aim of supplying solutions of excellence, mapei’s leadership is based on know-how that is second to none.

In its 75+ years in business, MAPEI has played an important role in building sites large and small, as well as in restoration and conservation projects that belong to the cultural and artistic heritage of the world. MAPEI is closely bonded with the country of its origin, Italy, but it is also a company that operates with enormous success worldwide and is ready to meet the challenges of the new millennium.

With its wide range of products, mapei actively participates in improving the technical properties of buildings, including anti-seismic upgrading.

MAPEI produces the most innovative products for the building world. Around 1,400 products (adhesives, sealants, mortars, admixtures, latex, etc.) are manufactured in MAPEI’s plants, which produce the world’s most complete range of building products.Diversi?ed, high-quality chemical products – from powdered adhesives, to liquid and paste products, to polymers – are created with the aim of meeting the requirements of more than 55,000 customers around the world.